One One One

Premiere August 27

A chair, a dancer.

This is the starting point for the piece One One One by choreographer Ioannis Mandafounis.

You sit on the chair, a dancer comes up to you and says:
– I will dance for you as long as we keep eye contact. What happens next is a silent dialogue, an exclusive meeting. An opportunity to see dance with new eyes. To see, to really see dance. When you have seen enough, you can leave the chair.

One One One is played in the public space. Previously, the work has been performed on streets and squares, in a prison in Madagascar, at Rikshospitalet in Copenhagen.

Choreographer Ioannis Mandafounis has developed his own method where intuition is put first. The dancer becomes like a membrane that says “yes” to all its impulses in relation to the source, the audience on the chair.

One One One can be displayed in the public space: living rooms, lunch rooms, auditoriums, shopping malls, hospitals.

We promise something unique, intimate, provocative and entertaining. In the middle of the room and the present.

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Photo: Lia Jacobi

Ioannis Mandafounis och Norrdans samtida dansföreställning ONE ONE ONE dansas för två personer på torg.
Dansare från Norrdans framträder Ioannis Mandafounis samtida dansföreställning ONE ONE ONE för kvinna på en stol.
Dansare från Norrdans framför Ioannis Mandafounis samtida dansföreställning ONE ONE ONE för person på stol så länge ögonkontakten inte bryts.

Concept: Ioannis Mandafounis

Dancers: Lander Casier, Eva Schmechtig, Rebecka Berchtold, Sam Huczkowski, Jade Stenhuijs, Nastia Ivanova, Chang Leo Liu, Jonathan Starr, Alban Ovanessian, Malika Ali, Leila Verlinden


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