Pianofavourites with Norrdans

Premiere October 7

What is a classic?

Nice and ugly, ugly is nice, and up is also down if you’re hanging by the knees from a branch.

In Piano Favourites with Norrdans, Martin Forsberg and Rebecka Berchtold examine taste and aesthetics. On stage; an international ensemble and a classical pianist. The dance will be performed to the most played to death repertoire in all seriousness. Für Elise, Piano Sonata No. 14, Goldberg Variations. 

The music and the dance meet a text stream written by dancer Rebecka Berchtold.

We promise high and low, music and dance history, beautiful and ugly in a varied appraisal.

Norrdans shuffles and deals an anarchist dance carnival.


Performance photo: Carl Thorborg and Lia Jacobi
Poster photo: Lia Jacobi 

Dansare i dynamisk hög i blåttljus framträder samtida dansföreställningen Pianofavoriter med Norrdans. Foto: Lia Jacobi
Stor scen med böljande tyger, en klassisk pianist är omringad av dansare i den samtida dansföreställningen Pianofavoriter med Norrdans. Foto: Lia Jacobi

Choreography, Scenography, Costume design: Martin Forsberg

Text: Rebecka Berchtold

Piano: Julia Sjöstedt

Light Design: Jonatan Winbo

Dramaturgy: Alexandra Loonin

Dancers: Stacey Aung, Sam Huczkowski, Jade Stenhuijs, Nastia Ivanova, Leila Verlinden, Chang Leo Liu, Jonathan Starr, Alban Ovanessian


Image of Kristina Gillström (she/her)

Kristina Gillström (she/her)

Tour Planner

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