Week 50 2021, v 3-10 2022

Norrdans presents: An interactive dance work by Rachel Tess

Norrdans presents:
An interactive dance piece by Rachel Tess.

What if your mascot had eight legs? Or a tree in its belly? Or that it eats spray-painted superfruit for lunch? Or if the spine was a python? Or if the basin was a glittering ship on the world’s oceans? Or if it had a tape recorder in its head? What kind of dances can it dance? How would it move then?

Mascot is a 40-minute dance experience for children 6-8 years. The children are taken on a physical and sculptural investigation in and outside their classroom, guided by three dancers, where they are given the opportunity to investigate identity by, among other things, creating their own mascot; a symbolic figure who also becomes their dance teacher.

Mascot is a dance teacher. Mascot is a dream teacher. Mascot is an invention for every child’s imagination. Mascot is a plastic sculpture built of rubbish. Mascot is embodied by the dancers and created by the audience. Mascot is neither boy nor girl, neither human nor animal or robot. Mascot is the name of what we build together.

“In her choreographic work, Rachel Tess builds tactile spaces that allow us to grow inwards, outwards and towards each other. Rachel Tess is constantly working to find new arenas for dance as an art form. She seeks outside the established stages and instead meets the audience in unexpected places where she acts as an enabler, educator and apostle for the art of dance. In the true spirit of Birgit Cullberg, she makes the complex accessible and understandable.”

Birgit Cullberg Scholarship 2019

Photo: Rachel Tess

Rachel Tess is an American choreographer and dancer active in Sweden since 2005. She has worked with companies such as Cullberg, the Gothenburg Opera’s dance company, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens. Her choreographic work has been shown all over the world.

In connection with her establishment in Skåne in 2013, she founded MARC (Milvus Artistic Research Center), a platform where dancers, choreographers and performance artists have the opportunity to investigate and develop their practices. Rachel Tess is also associated with Wanås Konst as an affiliated curator with responsibility for dance within the initiative Live Art, and chairman of ÖSKG (Östra Skånes Konstnärsgrupp) which arranges the popular Art Round in Österlen.

Read more about Rachel Tess here.

Choreographer: Rachel Tess
Sound: Uli Ruchlinski
Artistic director/Rehearsal director: Patricia Vázquez Iruretagoyena
Dancers: Malika Ali, Eva Schmechtig, Lander Casier


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