female (with) space

Our second community project is up and running! In spring 2022, together with a group of women, the dance artist Polena Kolia Petersen will create female (with) space.

We will examine "How public space forms us as women and how we as women form public space". Neither the way there nor which tools we will work with is predetermined, we will find them together.

Polena is a Greek/Danish dancer, maker and community dance artist based between Athens and Copenhagen. She creates, unfolds and researches relations and their processes as her artistic dance practice within dance as both a physical, aesthetic and political artform. Often her works address the relation between performer, audience and dance in a realm that inscribes us as citizens of communities, inner and outer, through a space where dance can present us with a multiplicity and diversity of realities to be in for a while.

For Polena dancing relates to a way of being in the world that perpetuates alternative to the status quo ways of relating to each other, to the environment and our selves hosting an experience and wonder of how we might otherwise participate in these relations both in the dance event but also beyond it. As such Polena in her practice asks the question of what the relationship between movement, sensation and change is and what we do with it as spectators, participants, citizens. She is particularly interested in collaborative and relational practices that bring dance to the fore as an artistic-political practice with the ability to meaningfully act upon our everyday life.

How could anchoring dance as a life practice allow for us to develop more sustainable structures and futures for being together? Thus she usually works through participatory or community settings and weaves her practice into public space whether in the process or the product. Beyond dance she also has a background in Psychology. Currently she is undertaking the MFA Dance & Participation at the Danish National School of Performing Arts.


Koreografi och ledare Polena Kolia Petersen affischerar för Norrdans community projekt Female (with) Space
Koreografen Polena Kolia Petersen är glad och ser framemot Norrdans community projekt Female (with) Space
Koreografen Polena Kolia Petersen håller för ögonen framför affisch för Norrdans community projekt Female (with) Space