Community Projects

Like few other art forms, dance is exceptional in connecting people across language, ethnicity, class divisions; you name it. Dance doesn’t care about barriers or boundaries. When we move, you are moved too, if not physically, then mentally. But often both. Through dance, we move closer to each other and into new exciting directions.

But what does this mean? Well, it means that we work and play and engage with communities or groups with movement as a physical tool for communication. We let people experience dance in all sorts of ways. Perhaps we’ll come to your home and perform there. Or we meet in a gymnasium or the town square.

Each of these Community Projects is tailored to its participants. Like the Öm.tålig project, in which a group of ordinary men explored abstract themes like masculinity and provinciality with choreographer Maria Ulriksson and composer Anna-Sóley Tryggvadottir.

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Tre kvinnor dansar  i Norrdans community projekt female (with) space. Foto: Lia Jacobi
Man i danssal under Norrdans community projekt Öm.tålig. Foto: Olle Melkerhed
Flera män dansar i danssal under ledning av koreograf Maria Ulriksson för Norrdans community projekt Öm.tålig. Foto: Olle Melkerhed

Together with a group of women, dance artist Polena Kolia Petersen created our second community procejt 'female (with) space.'

The project started with an open workshop for women in the Sundsvall area. A large number of participants then resulted in a smaller core group. This group met several times a week, both physically and digitally, to create the community project. It was of great importance for Polena Kolia Petersen to create the project together with the participants, as well as letting everyone's voices be heard. The community project originated from the question of how the public space shapes women and how women shape the public space.

"I have a great interest in exploring how the anchoring of dance in everyday life can enable us to develop more sustainable structures for a common future"
– Polena Kolia Petersen.

Polena Kolia Petersen has an interest in creating and exploring processes in relationships. Her artistic dance practice is of both physical, aesthetic and political basis. Often her work addresses the relationship between artist, audience and dance.

Participant in the project
Anne Säfvenberg, Jill Taube, Karin Kämsby, Lina Lotta Lundberg, Pearl Mtembu, Pia Fridell, Rebecka Jensen, Polena Kolia Petersen.
Dance artist: Polena Kolia Petersen
Andreas Thorell

Öm.tålig, our first Community Project, is very close to our heart! 

A group of men from Kramfors was guided by choreographer Maria Ulriksson on a journey where stereotypes were examined. The aim was to create an open space where the men dared and had the access to explore their own selves and use dance as a tool in their search.

Öm.tålig is a tender and powerful illustration of what it’s like to be human. A fragile yet strong performance about and by a group of men. It digs beneath the surface of what it means to be a man and to live in the sparsely populated areas of the Swedish north. Among gentle hands, pulse, breathing and patterns, a new masculinity emerges. One where fragility becomes a strength, and with muscles become a way to dance. One that is not afraid of closeness, the dance and the intimacy that vibrates behind the sternum.

Sore. Enduring. Loyal. Or neither? Who is he really, the rural man from Norrland?

Öm.tålig had its premiere November 7, 2020 at Kramfors theater.

Maria Ulriksson, choreographer

The intention of dancer Maria Ulriksson from Västerbotten is often to create works where you in the audience really get to meet the dancer – but also yourself. Interactivity and the opportunity for the audience to participate in and influence the works is not uncommon. Maria’s choreographic work has been described as containing sensitivity, presence and communication where the movement is the core and the starting point for the tone in the works. She likes to weave in sincerity, integrity and vulnerability together with heaviness, playfulness and power.

Anna-Sóley Tryggvadóttir, composer

Stockholm-based composer and sound designer Anna-Sóley Tryggvadóttir has since graduating from the Sound Design program (2010) at Dramatic Institute managed many exciting projects, including TONCIRKELN, STADSRÖRA and CASABLANCA. There is an exploratory tone in her work, where the spectrum extends from norm-critical workshops in instrument construction to the examination of the atmosphere of Norrtälje and the inhabitants view of the place. More info about Anna-Sóley Tryggvadóttir.