Film: FOLK

What is folk culture and what is nationality? Is it something already decided or can it be changed and developed? In a village hall made of pine, cultures and generations meet. FOLK is a dance film that warms up what is frozen in time.


- "We wanted to show that traditions develop and are in constant movement. So is folk culture. The younger, international dancers wear Swedish folk costumes made of modern materials such as reflex and plastic and dance their own, updated versions of folk dance. The meeting between the older and the younger folk dancers also represent the meeting between tradition and renewal," says choreographer Ludvig Daae.

The short film has sprung from the dance performance We can do what you want by choreographer Ludvig Daae and costume designer Tove Berglund. In the original work, Daae and Berglund explore how it is possible to think differently about the expression of national identity. The theme has followed and evolved to fit the video art form.

- "With the film, we tried to create a meeting through two parallel movements. One where the younger dancers go from being outsiders to being more and more influenced and blending in. In parallel, there is another opposite movement where the older folk dancers go from skepticism to acceptance and further influenced by the younger ones," says director Carl Olsson.


Premiere: Sat 28 January 2022 Gothenburg Film Festival
Length: 8 min
Concept & idea: Carl Olsson & Ludvig Daae

Choreography: Ludvig Daae
Director: Carl Olsson
Costume designer: Tove Berglund

Dancers Norrdans: Nastia Ivanova, Seung Hwan Lee, Jade Stenhuijs, Sam Huczkowski, Jonathan Starr, Chang Leo Liu, Alban Ovanessian, Rebecka Berchtold
Dancers Öbackaringen: Yvonne Lindbäck, Berit Bystedt, Lennart Bystedt, Göran Lundbäck

Cinematographer: Jon Lindroth
Lighting design: Axel Antonsson
Composer: William Rickman
Sound Design: Kristoffer Salting, Bryan Dyrby
Colorist: Nanna Dalunde
Produced by: Norrdans
In collaboration with: Film i Västernorrland