Norrdans kompis

Want to be our BFF?

Norrdans kompis is for you who want even more of Norrdans in your life! By signing up to be part of Norrdans kompis you get access to awesome benefits, take part in fresh news and you get a greater insight into the dance company. Among other things, we invite you to digital meetings with choreographers, you get VIP invitations to exclusive AWs and other great offers. In other words, a little extra!

If you want you can get more info about our productions and choreographies to help us spread information for example at your workplace, the gym, the coffee room, the book club or to your friends and family. It is significant for us and for our wonderful audience and means that more people get the chance and opportunity to experience contemporary dance and choreography!

We are just starting up Norrdans kompis and would love to have you along for the ride! If you want to become a Norrdans kompis, register below and we will contact you.


Anmälan till Norrdans kompis

Jag ger mitt samtycke att Norrdans får lagra den information som angetts ovan, enligt Dataskyddsförordningen (GDPR).

*Only for you who lives in Sweden