Open Practice and Training

Our morning training sessions are open to professional dancers free of charge. The offer is also available to members of Danscentrum Norr.

A regular morning session with our ensemble always starts with a warmup followed by training and practice. During the season, the sessions will be directed by our visiting guest teachers. We practice contemporary dance techniques, ballet, improvisation, urban dance forms, and much more.

If you are interested in training with us, please contact our Rehearsal Director for more information and availability.

Pre-registration is required to participate. Contact the Rehearsal Director for more info and registration. With reservation for changes.


Week 31

31 Jul - 04 Aug Liz Kinoshita  

Week 32

7 - 11 Aug Marco Herløv Høst


Week 33-34

14 - 25 Aug Arūnas Mozūraitis House

Week 35

29 Aug - 1 Sep  Malin Astner


Week 36

4 - 8 Sep Erik Eriksson Contemporary

Week 37

10 - 15 Sep Daniel Staaf


Week 38

18 - 29 Sep Theo Clinkard Contemporary

Week 40

2 - 6 Okt Inxi Vouge/popping
Week 43 23 - 27 Okt David Norsworthy Contemporary/improv