Image of Sierra Kellman (she/her)
Image of Sierra Kellman (she/her)


Sierra Kellman (she/her)

"I believe that dance and choreography will remain a vital part of human expression and culture, connecting us to our past, present, and future in profound and meaningful ways."

Sierra Kellman is a highly trained dancer and performer, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Toronto Metropolitan University's (formerly Ryerson) Performance Dance program in Toronto, Canada. With years of experience in the industry. Sierrahas worked professionally in the performing arts industry as a dance artist with Rubberband Dance and Rock Bottom Movement. Through these experiences, she developed her own unique style, characterized by fluidity and athleticism. Sierracontinues to push herself creatively and emotionally with each performance, inspiring audiences with her passion and dedication to the art of dance.

Sierra have danced with Norrdans since 2023.